6 Ways to Wow with the Smoke Bomb Wedding Trend

It's easy to see why Smoke Bombs are one of the biggest trends for 2020 weddings and set to continue into 2021. A well placed smoke bomb will create some seriously gorgeous wedding snaps. The power of a vibrant smoke bomb is not to be underestimated.

IDEA #1: Supercharge your post ceremony kiss

Wow, what a way to celebrate and start off your wedding celebrations. Get the emotions of your post ceremony kiss supercharged with a stunning smoke bomb.                            

Photographers: Robert Marcillas | Miriam Cuesta;

IDEA #2: Use Two Colours

Why have one when you can have two right? No, seriously, consider having two colours for a popping contrast to make for amazing photos.


IDEA #3: Mix Colours

We have Pink, Blue, White and Purple Smoke Bombs available - use 3 or even all of them for a stunning wedding backdrop. Trust us, this looks spectacular!

Coloured Wedding Smoke Bombs available here

IDEA #4: Involve your Bridal Party

Let's make this even more of a showstopping shot. Give each of your bridal party a smoke bomb of their own. Get a countdown going, set them all off at the same time and be in awe at the beauty of this shot and fun memory.

IDEA #5: Showstopping Send Off

If you're heading off for the night smoke bombs can create a striking, fun and memorable end to the night. Get sent off in style!

IDEA #6: Make it Modern

If you're having an urban style wedding then take it to the streets. How amazing does this shot look below!

Photography: Lara Hotz

We are completely in love with this heavenly trend. If you have any questions about using smoke bombs at your wedding, drop us a message through our contact us page and we would be happy to help. See our collection of coloured smoke bombs here.

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