3 Top Bits of Advice for the Newly Engaged

If you are reading this post, your are probably in the whirlwind that follows days/weeks after getting engaged. Congratulations if you got engaged over the Christmas and New Year celebrations – such a wonderful and exciting time for you both. So now that it is sinking in that yes you really are engaged and getting married, here’s 3 top bits of advice I would give all newly engaged couples out there before the chaos (albeit very very exciting chaos) that comes with actually planning a wedding.
1: Be Present
This is such a wonderful, loved filled part of your life, don’t begin it by feeling overwhelmed. Breathe in the magic of this time. Pause, just the two of you to bathe in the moment. Most engagements are between 1 year to 1 1/2 years before the big day. It is a short period of time that your are a fiancé and a time you will want to remember forever. Getting engaged is a momentous occasion, soak it in, take photos, celebrate together, bank those memories. Congratulations!
2. Share with your nearest and dearest first
You might be mentally composing your facebook announcement or instagram engagement shot but there will be time for that later. Make those calls or even better visit them in person if you can. Start with your parents first, your siblings, grandparents, best friends, close friends, those people that you would love to and deserve to be told personally before the big news hits social media. Then show off your new sparkler on instagram to your hearts content. And don’t forget to make it Facebook official!
3. Start the planning gently
You’re engaged, you just experienced that proposal, delight in it for a while. You will begin planning almost immediately, it’s only natural and everyone will ask you questions like, ‘Have you set a date?’ ‘Who are your Bridesmaids?‘ ‘Have you thought of a venue?’ etc. Although this is lovely, everyone is just excited for you, it can be overwhelming and take away from your ‘Just engaged bubble’ Start off gently by discussing between the two of you what you would both like. For example, would you like a Spring Wedding or have you always liked the idea of a Winter Wedding and go from there.
A world of Pinterest boards, bridal magazines, wedding blogs, venue hunting, dress shopping awaits you after that.
Relax and enjoy every moment of this time!
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